The Antigonish Town & County Palliative Society arose in 1998 out of the increasingly obvious need to provide support for individuals and their families who were living at home, with end of life challenges. The need to promote the philosophy of palliative care by educating the community on palliative care issues was a priority. 

While there was a Palliative Care Department at the hospital as well as a Hospital-in-the-Home Program, which provided 24/7 outreach services, there was no actual unit in the hospital. Patients were assigned beds throughout the hospital. Hospital budgets were mainly limited to inpatient service needs. There was a definite need to raise funds to complement and enhance the provision of service to folks living in the town and county of Antigonish. It did not take long to form a Board of Directors, create a set of by-laws and finally be officially registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies on January 19, 1999.

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The Society membership consists of folks from all parts of the Town and County – teachers, nurses, businessmen, lawyers and retired seniors.  Our founding physician was the late Dr. Kenneth MacKinnon who was instrumental in the birth and growth of the Society.

Our Vision

The provision of quality care for people with advanced illnesses in Antigonish Town and County.

The Mission Statement of our Society

The Palliative Care Society of Antigonish Town & County is a volunteer organization. It provides in-home supports, education, services, comfort and dignity to people who have advanced illnesses, their families and their caregivers. The Society provides education and services to the wider community and engages in advocacy to promote and improve palliative care

Accomplishments & Activities

  • Purchase of equipment that will enhance quality of life for persons with life threatening illness at home. The equipment includes items such as: gel pads ($125 – $160 each), cool mist humidifiers ($80 each), CAAD pumps/pain pumps ($5,000 each), dose-scored cords for pain pumps, recliner/lifting electric chairs ($800-$1200 each); general supplies e.g. mouth swabs etc.
  • Hire knowledge presenters to provide palliative care education.
  • Provide continuing education and support training programs for the general public, families, volunteers and caregivers.
  • Maintain an informative and useful website for the Society.
  • To raise funds for the purchase and rental of palliative care equipment, for programs and for educational resources.
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